Le Savoir-Faire

The jewellery is entirely fabricated in Paris, France.They are designed and handmade by Anaïs in her atelier/boutique. Her jewellery is made of precious metals, such as 18 karat gold and precious stones. Her approach to fine jewellery is all in the delicacy, they are inspired by the wonders of nature and belong to the select world of fine jewellery. Each piece is a unique work of art. Anaïs creates a universe from her mood boards, or from her inspiring travels. Once she enters a space where she feels enthused, she lets herself get carried away by sculpting in wax, arabesques and poetic patterns. The jewels are then cast in gold using the traditional jewellery techniques of "lost wax". From the chisels she makes, she then defines the textures she wishes to enhance by chasing. Each piece is unique due to the final touches added to each of her creations. To enlighten the gold metal and define the textures, she brings in sparks of colours with various precious stones. The stones are selected with great care; stones come from her father’s African mines or with specific suppliers whom she likes to collaborate with. To complete the final process, the stones are then set by a setter situated Place Vendôme.