Janvier 2024

2024, un envol tout en légèreté

A l’aube de cette nouvelle année, recevez tous mes vœux d’optimisme et de joie ! Parce que nous avons plus que jamais besoin de rêves et de couleurs dans nos vies, j’aborde 2024 sous le signe de ma bague Cœur Léger, une ode tendre à la joie de vivre. Puisse-t-elle vous porter bonheur pour un envol tout en légèreté vers de nouvelles promesses.

June 2023

Summer Time

april 2022

Spring celebration

In these first days of spring, I would like to introduce you to one of my latest creations which is a true ode to nature: the Eden Luxuriant ring.

An abundance of vegetation carried by a profusion of stones, in an explosion of color. Opulence of green tourmaline, springtime hues of tsavorite, apple green tourmaline, depth of emeralds... What generosity Mother Nature offers us!

This creation is part of my Parfums de Paradis collection, where the most spectacular and colorful jewels are layered with as much abundance as delicacy.

 I hope it inspires you and wish you a happy spring and a breath of fresh air!

december, 6 2022

Sparkling holidays with the Thousand and One Nights rings

On sparkling December nights, with light in our eyes and hearts, let us be transported to the kingdom of tales. The ones I tell you in jewelry are inspired by the Thousand and One Nights... In this oriental dream, my cherry blossom pattern is adorned with precious stones in moiré colors and plunges us into a universe as enchanting as it is bewitching. Here are sapphires in wonderful shades, in a subtle cameo from pink to orange, characteristic of the padparadscha sapphire. I wish you to follow your dreams and spend a sparkling holiday!

november, 15 2022

Autumn light

Dear customers, In this autumn full of light and colors I would like to make you (re)discover one of my collections very close to this season: Symphonie Lumineuse. It is directly inspired by the brilliance of stones. The jewels blossom in a game between acid colors and geometric shapes, which marry and respond to each other in a striking harmony of light. While walking, a glowing maple tree reminds me of the garnets in the Poésie Végétale ring. The sunbeams in the golden leaves remind me of the citrine in the Ensemble ring... Autumn is definitely a luminous symphony!  I wish you a very beautiful season.

May, 1 2022

I am happy to participate soon in Révélations, the essential event that celebrates French and international creation.

My garden of precious new creations awaits you, inspired by freshness and joie de vivre to celebrate spring and the renewed pleasure of meeting people!

Meet me from June 9 to 12 at the Grand Palais éphémère, stand F10.

Avril 1, 2022

Delicate and precious wedding rings

Engagement rings and wedding rings embody my emotional approach. Together, they form a perfect duo, the culmination of the union and my creation. Feminine and delicate, my wedding rings are created to fit women's fingers with comfort and lightness. All in gold or set with precious stones, they express my creative universe in its simplest representation. Their contours match those of the engagement rings to superimpose them perfectly, in a precious marriage of natural and aerial forms. I do not seek beauty in perfection. I find it in the contrast, the unexpected, the alliance of the rough and the refined, the roughness that touches the heart. Is there a more beautiful metaphor for the couple? United in its differences, grown from the stages they have gone through, the darker moments as well as the sparks... Love reveals itself to me in the path taken together, taking the other upwards, towards the better. To all lovers, I wish you a long and beautiful journey...

March 22, 2021

Before the jewel, the emotion

Jewels tell a story, they are the guardians of our feelings, sometimes they are the messengers. When I create a jewel, it is always for me something symbolic, the expression of a deeper message.

When I create a jewel, it is always for me something symbolic, the expression of a deeper message.

It is thus quite naturally that since my beginnings I have developed collections for wedding jewelry. Engagement rings or wedding rings, they are the quintessence of my emotional approach.

Today I have in heart to develop this world which touches me so much and this is why I decided to devote collections to it and a section dedicated to it on my website which I have just made evolve.

I wish you a beautiful discovery, and much love…

June 7, 2020

Tenderly to our mothers

My mother, my grand-mother, great grand mother, all the women behind me who belongs to my lignage.

I recognize you, I honor you and salute you.

May love rain on us.

Thank you

Much love,


April 8, 2020

A little walk in my world

The birth of Alicia

Nearly 2 years ago

It is a complete change of life

Life takes a new direction

So many hours looking after her, loving her and sharing our worlds

I could not go to my atelier/ boutique as regularly as before

My atelier stays like always a sanctuary of tranquility feminine poetry and creativity

There my soul can replenish

And I am so looking forward to seeing you again